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Please Note:  We are not claiming any medical benefits for any of our products, mostly due to government regulations and laws. We do however collect testimonials from customers and
we encourage you to observe very carefully what your own personal experience is. Scientific results speak for themselves as well as physical evidence from the effects of the VWR.
Lab tests show the VWR eliminated e-coli bacteria
Isaac B. Stoltzfus, Powl's Feed Service, Peach Bottom, Pensylvania, USA

March 2008

        "We needed a U.S.A.D. approved water test to get our bakery certified. After installing the VWR (Vortex Water Revitalizer) we got a good test showing the nitrate went from 11 down to six and the bacteria
was completely gone. We also like the taste of the water better with the VWR."
                                        Lab test before OWR                                                                                                                           Lab test after OWR




    Isaac B. Stoltzfus,

    Powl's Feed Service,

    Peach Bottom,

    Pensylvania, USA

My teeth are not sensitive any more and got much whiter

January 2008


    "Half a year ago I bought a Whole House VWR and I am very satisfied with it. My teeth were very sensitive to both cold and hot, but since I have consumed this water, I do not have these unpleasant experiences.
My dentist told me that my teeth are much whiter, called grade A2, which is the second best on the colour scale used by dentists. I am very happy about it, as 2 month ago they were B2! I really like living water very
much, thank you for it!"


Engineer recommends the VWR and gives you the hard facts on dissolved oxygen!
Sid Richards, Alaska

Oct 25, 2007       

    My family has enjoyed many benefits from the Vortex Water Revitalizer.  Thanks for exposing us to this wonderful technology.  It starts with the benefits of the water system components in extending their longevity
and efficiency.  Then there is the benefit of ease of cleaning in the appliances that we use the water in ( toilet, hot water heater and the humidifier). The minerals are still there but they are not attached to the components
and can just be wiped off easily. Next is the benefit of the oxygenation to our bodies and specifically the dissolved oxygen is readily available to be assimilated into the blood. And finally the dissolved oxygen in the water
has shown to increase the yield of the plants in our organic garden. In the garden, the dissolved oxygen feeds the microbes in the soil and provides a cleaner environment for the plants to thrive in. Our water was very
good and mineral rich to start with. It is drawn from a large aquifer within a large gravel formation formed by the glacier fed river we live close to.
     I didn't think it could get any better, so I tested the water before and after I installed the VWR. In the 5 tests I conducted, I found a range of 20% to 25% increase in the dissolved oxygen. Being an engineer by trade
it was the numbers that convinced me initially, since then it has been the enhanced taste, overall health benefits to my family and enhanced growth rates in the garden.

       The VWR beats all the other options I have seen on the market."

    Thanks again,

    Sid Richards, Palmer, Alaska, USA

We are reaping the benefits of the most advanced technology on the planet!
Bruce Martin, Calgary, Alberta

Sept 13, 2007    

    "After having the whole house ¾ inch VWR installed, I feel we are reaping the benefits of the most advanced technology on the planet. The water is loaded with oxygen. Showering in this water is a Joy! Drinking it,
even more so.  Within days my complexion became clear, and my skin has a softness to it that was not there previously. In less than a week, our houseplants are noticeably healthier. My hope is that news of this
technology will spread like wildfire. Many thanks."

    Bruce Martin, Calgary, Alberta

20 years of skin problems has finally gone!

Ema Soriano, Paris, France


     "I can never thank you enough. I do not have anymore trouble with my skin since I installed the Shower of Life VWR! I no longer have any itching and the red spots on my skin has disappeared as well as some
other spots. Now I have baby skin! Even experts and medical doctors could not find out what my skin problems were. Better late than never!

      After 20 years of various problems because of our water, I am healed. Thank you for the VWR!"

    Sincerely yours,

    Ema Soriano, Paris, France

Chlorine: my son has no more allergic reactions to chlorine.
A.B., Windsor, NS Canada

September 2006              

      I purchased the whole house unit last December. My son has very sensitive skin and is allergic to chlorine. His skin would become red, inflamed, and very itchy each time he had a shower. After the installation
of the whole house unit however, he experienced relief from the symptoms and his skin cleared up within a few days.

    A.B., Windsor, NS Canada

Bye bye to bottled water and welcome to revitalized tap water!
Cathy, Dean and Fran

February 15, 2006

                 "I would just like to take the time to comment to you how much we are enjoying our VWR

System! The three of us, Fran Holtby, Dean Holtby, and myself, Cathy Yeomans - have all noticed different changes since we installed our water system. Our skin is softer, as well as our hair, after we shower. The
hot water now gets hot alot faster and stays hot alot longer. We instantly noticed a difference in the taste of the water as none of the additives could be tasted and we could finally drink right out of our own tap!!
It was amazing to see this change as soon as the new "pipe" was installed!
      Besides these things...we have also noticed that if we are low on energy, after drinking a couple of glasses of water.. our energy seems to be restored. This is probably due to the high absorption rate into our
body. This is great help for when tired at work in the afternoon!
       We are extremely pleased with our Nordic Living Water System and would highly recommend it to everyone else. The beautiful part too is that its portable, so when we move we can bring it with us! It saves a
great deal of money for us as we used to buy jugs of water all the time. This was one of the best investments towards our health that we've made in a long time!

    Thank you Mikael for introducing us to this water system."

    Yours sincerely,

                              Cathy, Dean and Fran

Flowers lasted 21 days!
LT New Jersey, USA

December 1, 2005


      I have had the Whole House VWR installed so that all my home water is revitalized. This system has been installed since August.

      I placed some water in a glass before the Revitalizer was installed and placed revitalized tap water in the other glass. nAfter several days, I noticed that there were bubbles in the revitalized water glass and none
in the tap water glass.
     Three months later, I had received some flowers for my birthday (from a florist). They lasted for 21 days before there was any sign of wilting! I even called the florist to compliment them on the quality of their flowers.
But the strange thing of it was, that I did not make the connection until I bought Spider Mums to celebrate the autumn season. They did not wilt after 28 days! And allow me to add that I changed the water every 3-4 days!
      I am an avid reader of material that enhances the quality of our health and life. This experience is now leading me to reading about water; believe me, the journey is a fascinating one and I encourage you to spend time
(it is well-spent) to enhancing your knowledge about water and your health.

      Many thanks to VWR Systems for providing a quality life-enhancing product.



    New Jersey, USA

First thing that really helped my skin disorder in 60 years!

Morgonn Vanmerlin, Vancouver, BC

September 3, 2005


      To Mikael Lund of World Living Water Systems

   First day results are as follows:

    1.    VWR - Had a shower - my hair finally has its natural curl back. The curl you lose over the years because of all the poisons they put in our water and shampoo. I was diagnosed at birth with a skin disorder, where I have
           an oil gland at the base of 1 to 25 to 30 pores. Normal is 1 to 4. But after my first shower, a lot of flaky skin just washed off and not as usual. I felt so light when I dried myself. My skin also didn't feel like it was going to
           shrink and crack. This has happened in the past.
    2.    Using the showerhead I filled some containers with water to drink and put them in the fridge. Yes they got colder than my regular water before the VWR. Had to turn the fridge to a warmer setting. The electric bill will be
           less, hehe!
   3.    Usually after my shower I apply cream to my whole body and after an hour or so it looks like I've put nothing on my skin. After using the shower VWR and applying the same cream in the same manner, my skin looks the
          same at the end of the day as it did this morning after my shower. If this can happen with only one shower, I can only imagine what will occur after a week, a month, a year! Anything that can improve my skin this dramatically
          in only one session, when doctors and all their cures have done nothing over 60 years, deserves nothing less than the highest praise that can be given. Thank God I happened to notice a small ad in a newspaper and then
          phoned you. I've been using the VWR shower for a week now and the flaking of my skin, which has been for a lifetime, has slowed dramatically. The skin on the back of my hands has tightened so much that they look young
          again. This is very noticeable to me since I've had the old hands since I was a teenager.

    PH levels before VWR:              urine - 6.4            saliva - 6.8

    PH levels one week after VWR:             urine - 6.8            saliva - 7/0 to 7/2

    Morgonn Vanmerlin, Vancouver , BC

Kills bacteria so I will never have to treat the water once a month for bacteria because none is present.
Dale C., Berea, Ohio U.S.A.


       I put off writing you about the benefits of the VWR, because every time I think I have seen everything it can do, something else pops up. I have the VWR (copper 3/4 inch) that is hooked into my main water supply. I used
compression fittings. That is the quickest way to install it without soldering and not having to worry about fire or scorched walls in a tight place.
       After the installation I let hot and cold water faucets run about 10 minutes to purge them of untreated water. I shut the gas off on the hot water tank and when that water in the tank ran cold I knew all the water had been
flushed out. Then I took my first drink of VWR water. I tasted the best water I have ever tasted since I have lived in this town (38 yrs.). The water comes from a river and has a chlorine taste plus the other chemicals that are put
into it. Well, no chlorine or other chemical taste at all!!!
       The tap water has a high limestone content that plugs up water pipes and spots anything it comes into contact with when it dries. Since installing the VWR, the spotting is almost totally gone and what remains can hardly be
seen, and it wipes off with a dry rag like it was dust and not a water spot. The water tastes like it came from the purest water source in the world.
       I have a ph tester that is accurate to 2 decimal points (0.00). The water before the VWR always tested between 8.70-8.80. This is alkaline; water that is 7.00 ph is neutral, not being alkaline or acidic. After installing the VWR
the water tests between 7.50 to 7.60; this is a lot closer to perfect than before.
    I also use less than 1/2 the amount of soap for washing clothes and they rinse completely, dry with less wrinkles and are softer when used. I have a whirlpool tub that left a water line in it every time it was used. I had to use
a liquid chemical that smelled terrible to clean it as it is a plastic that would scratch with anything abrasive. Since the VWR, I have not used the chemical or scrubbed it at all. I only rinse it out with a hand held shower and dry the
flat surfaces with a sponge and it shines like a new penny. The manufacturer of the tub advises the owner to clean the piping in the tub with a bleach and automatic dishwasher soap solution that is circulated with the pump running
to kill bacteria that live in the wet pipes and pump. This looks like little specks of black slime when it is washed from the inside of the pipes into the circulating water. This has to be done once a month to maintain sanitary conditions
in the tub. I did this the day before the VWR was installed and then did this a month later. The VWR water had no black slime spots present; this proves to me that it will kill bacteria and that I will never have to treat the water once
a month for bacteria because none is present. I even unscrewed the jets to feel if there was slime in the pipes and they were totally clean. Before the VWR was installed when I did this I could feel the slime in the pipes and it turned
my fingers black.
       The sinks do not get a soapy scum on them anymore and when they need to be cleaned the cleaning interval is twice as long and very little effort is required to do this. I have a bird bath that, if not cleaned every second day,
would grow green algae in it. As a test after the VWR, I put clean water in it every second day, but did not scrub it out and it never did get an algae growth in it. You will use less soap to shower and wash your hair and it will rinse
out quicker with the VWR. The toilet stays cleaner longer with no mineral deposits in the bowl. I also noticed that the dark brown mineral stain in the holding tank is starting to leave. The shower head has cleaned itself of all deposits
as have all of the aerators on the faucets which I used to soak in vinegar to clean them.  I waited a year after reading your web site to purchase your product because I didn't believe any product could do so much, but I will say in all
honesty that it did everything claimed and much more. Thank you for honest advertising and selling a great product.

    Dale C., Berea, Ohio U.S.A.

 No more use of the distiller and the Britta pitchers

Ralph M Gray, Sopchoppy Florida , USA

August 2005


Mr. Mikael Lund, Thank You!

      Since we purchased the ¾ inch World Living Water Systems, we've noticed the following results in our application of use in the water. In Sopchoppy Florida , iron is a problem with all who use the local water, and in our case,
from a 164 ft. deep well.

      Bathing is a pleasure now. No more use of the distiller and the Britta pitchers used as filters. The water is completely clear and tastes good. Five dogs like it and are healthier from drinking it. Now best of all, it pleases Mamma.

      Our pond is clearing up, it had algae and scum in it before and the fish are jumping now. Come see us ya hear! And we'll offer you some good water and bring your own jug.

    Ralph M Gray, Sopchoppy Florida , USA

I lean heavily towards alternative/integrated medicine
Shirley Browne, RN ( UK ). CHE, Surrey, BC, Canada

March 2005

                 I am a Registred Nurse ( UK ) and a Canadian Health Executive (CHE). I lean heavily towards alternative/integrated medicine. I am very much into creating the best possible health for my 76 extended care residents, my
family and myself. For nine years I have been carrying bottles of water home using it for my dog, the bird fountain, cooking and drinking.
    I was very interested to learn about the VWR System. The first evening after installation of the Kitchen VWR, which was incredibly simple, I ran a glass full of water and could not believe that the sickening smell, which is usually
present, had gone! I drank two glasses one after the other, and this from someone who never usually drinks water! I am very happy with the system, my dog, visitors, all the birds that eat and drink in my yard are equally happy.
Thank you so much!
    Shirley Browne, RN ( UK ). CHE, Surrey, BC, Canada

    Great results using the Vortex Water Revitalizer for our flower business
Lindsay and Aaron, Wyee Point Flower Barns, NSW, Australia
June 2010   

          Wyee Point Flower Barns: Flowers grown at the Wyee Point nursery after 3 months of trials with the VWR (Australasia) 1" Vortex System (located at the Southern
end of Lake Macquarie NSW). We have experienced great results from using the VWR, as you can see from the pictures that the stalks of the plants are thicker and stronger, meaning we
can use two less flowers in each bunch that we sell, that equates to $2.00 per bunch. Since we sell many thousands of bunches per year, our profit margins have increased and our flowers
are healthier.

A Typical resale bunch of flowers using            Typical view of a few our flower barns.   
4 stocks instead of 6 to make up a bunch.

Lindsay and Aaron
    Wyee Point Flower Barns
    NSW, Australia
      Increased harvest of strawberries (six fold) and fantastic flower colours (these are petunias) and other flowers (geraniums)
      came back to life!

Kasandra Tanner, Saskatchewan

July 8, 2008

    Geranium flowers"Cullin installed the Vortex Water Revitalizer on June 15 at the meter so that it supplies the house, lawn, and everything. We are noticing a huge difference. Not only did
the flowers come to life on the north side of our house, but they have amazing colors! My Geranium flowers had died off and have come back and re-bloomed - they have never done that for
me before! I have one of the nicest flowerbeds in the area now, and I am getting compliments for it where I never have had compliments before - both for flower, color and growth. Our
Strawberries are "Ever-bearing" (until first frost). Usually over the past years we have picked a few handfuls a week all through the summer. After installing the VWR the first time was a
handful, the second was 1 1/2 cups, the third time was about 6 cups of strawberries! We have had this strawberry bed for at least 10 years and never had yields like this before ever! We are
also using this water on the garden and find that it is better than rain water for making the plants grow!
    We are drinking more water because it really tastes good, I personally don't usually care for the taste of city water. The cat is actually drinking water on her own now too! The Vet had us
mixing water into her food because she was dehydrated - not anymore.

Kasandra Tanner, Saskatchewan                                                

Ice Rink. Ice became faster, harder and crystal clear

Phillip McCann, Refrigeration Engineer, Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle, Australia        January 2010

       We have conducted a test with the VWR on our ice surface over 45 days here are our results. We have found over the past years that a good all-round temperature for the ice is around
-7.5 degrees Celsius with secondary refrigerant temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. We heat our water to approximately 45 degrees Celsius to allow new water that’s added to bond with
existing ice. Without this heating, the  ice surface comes rough and undesirable.We fitted a 1 inch stainless steel VWR to our Zamboni water filling station the water is not heated and varies
in temperature from 10 degrees C to 19 degrees Celsius, results are:
  • Ice has become clearer making our lines more visible.
  • Ice has become harder.
  • Reduction in natural gas used resulting in reduced running cost (aprox $1000.00 per month) and reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Reduction in electricity consumption water not being applied at 45 degrees Celsius.
  • Due to the hardness of the ice we have raised our ice surface temp to -6.5 degrees Celsius and secondary refrigerant temperature to -9 degrees Celsius with no effect to the ice surface
  • …still hard and fast.

This results in further reduction in electrical energy costs (aprox $900.00 per month).

Our Ice rink used the Vortex Water Revitalizer with great success!

NOTE: This test has been carried out during the months of December and January which is summer in Australia without doors and temperatures ranging from 28 to 43 degrees Celsius.

We believe with these results the VWR is a must for all ice rinks wishing to provide a great ice surface for their patrons.
Phillip McCann, Refrigeration Engineer

Hunter Ice Skating Stadium P/L

Newcastle, Australia
                 20 years of skin problems has finally gone!
      Ema Soriano, Paris, France


        "I can never thank you enough. I do not have anymore trouble with my skin since I installed the Shower of Life VWR! I no longer have any itching and the red spots on my skin has

     disappeared as well as some other spots. Now I have baby skin! Even experts and medical doctors could not find out what my skin problems were. Better late than never!

    After 20 years of various problems because of our water, I am healed. Thank you for the VWR!"

    Sincerely yours,

    Ema Soriano, Paris, France

              Fresher Water & more vitality
       Julia Frittaion, Vancouver, BC, Canada

        Since replacing my reverse osmosis system with The World Living Water System, I have noticed a better, fresher taste to the water and increased vitality to my general state of health.
    My friends and neighbors are all very impressed with the quality of my "tap" water, now that the Water Revitalizers are installed. I have also given it to my daughter as a house warming
    gift. It's truly the gift that lasts...

     Julia Frittaion
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

                     Show Of Life fixture
       Robert M. Lefebres, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

         Dear World Living Water Systems!

    Since purchasing the Shower of Life Water Revitalizer my hair and my skin both seem to glow. I attribute this to the enhanced quality of water as it spirals through the Shower of Life
    bathroom fixture. I noticed right away that my hair was softer and less brittle. A lot of dryness in my skin has disappeared. My wife and I also use less soap and shampoo. Most probably
    due to the softening of the water. I also feel fresher and perky.
         We also use the water to water our indoor and outdoors plants- they love it!

         In short, the Shower of Life fixture has been one of the best gadgets I have purchased. I recommend that anyone who has a chance to, buy one. What is there to lose? If after 60 days
    you don't like it, return for a full refund.

    Robert M. Lefebres
    Coquitlam, BC, Canada
                  No more eczema or dry skin conditions
        Eva Wong, teacher,
        Vancouver, BC, Canada

           I have seen this water system soften hard water and decalcify mineral buildup. I periodically get eczema and dry skin conditions. I didn't know how amazing the Vortex Water Revitalizer
     was until I showered in it. Within 3 weeks time I literally grew a new layer of skin from the inside out. My skin was miraculously thicker and softer. My eczema condition disappeared.

          I recommend this water energizer for anyone who has a skin problem.

    Eva Wong
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

             Bacteria smell
     Ruby Strand, Stanwood, WA, USA


          Since hooking up our Kitchen Water Revitalizer, our dish rags don't stink the next day and our dish soap has so much more bubbles to it and the bubbles last longer in our dishwater.
    My family really likes how it swivels and has two types of spray.

    I love my water revitalizer. I wish I had them on all my faucets. Thank you for my Kitchen Water Revitalizer.

    Ruby Strand
    Stanwood, WA, USA